Stiperstones, Manstone Rock, James Russell
Wrekin Blue, Richard Childs
Caer Caradoc summit, Geoff Taylor
Pony on the golf course, James Russell
Caer Caradoc from Ragleth Hill, Geoff Taylor
Carding Mill Valley, Yvonne Beaumont

Community Voice of the Strettons

Welcome to Stretton Focus

Rectory Wood, photo by Yvonne Beaumont

Stretton Focus is a monthly magazine that delivers topical features and the latest information about local events relevant to the people living, working, or just visiting the area surrounding Church Stretton, Little Stretton, All Stretton and Minton – affectionately known as “the Strettons”. Some of the features in the April edition include:
Updates to our Focus Community Grant Scheme – Stretton Focus has supported the local community since 2013 through our Community Grant Scheme. Recently, we increased grant sizes to £300-£1,500, aiming to enhance community projects.
National Trust – Ash dieback is a highly destructive disease affecting ash trees. It leads to leaf loss and tree death while posing a significant risk to woodland safety. Read how NT volunteers mitigate this and how some felled trees contribute to sustainable heating and hot water at Carding Mill Valley.
Young Farmers – Young Farmers’ Clubs play a vital role in connecting young people to rural life, fostering skills, and building strong communities.
Stretton Sports – Anyone for tennis, football, cricket, pétanque or volleyball? Check out our local sports section in the magazine and our online clubs directory.

Our website provides a flavour of what you can expect to read in our award-winning magazine and is mix of recently published feature articles, what’s going on in our community right now and in the coming weeks, an archive of past editions and about how you can be involved; as a subscriber, submitting an article for publication or even to become a volunteer.

Recently in Focus

A Second Station for Church Stretton

By the early 1900s, increased passenger traffic needed longer trains and longer platforms. It was not possible to extend the platforms of the original station because to the north the entrance to the goods yard was in the way and to the south the Sandford Avenue bridge. Consequently a second station was built to the south of the Sandford Avenue bridge and officially opened in 1914.

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Footy anyone?

Football is the world’s most popular ball game in numbers of participants and spectators, and is so simple that it can be played almost anywhere, from official football playing fields (pitches) to gymnasiums, streets, school playgrounds, parks or beaches without any equipment other than a ball. In England alone, almost 12 million people play regularly, whether professionally, in the amateur game or for leisure, and an increasing number of those are women and girls. 

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A moment with nature

My name is Terry Moore, and I am an amateur wildlife photographer, living in Church Stretton. As I write this, I am reflecting on my photograph Swallowed Hole being awarded the Judges’ Choice in the 2024 BBC Countryfile Calendar competition.

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