For the past 50 years Stretton Focus has been a major source of information and communication throughout the Strettons (Church Stretton, All Stretton and Little Stretton) and the immediate vicinity. The magazine has gone from strength to strength always looking for ways to provide its readership with more information and opinion in an attractive and entertaining package. This drive to improve the scope and quality of the magazine continues as the magazine is at the heart of the company’s (Stretton Focus Ltd.) vision and purpose.


Despite all the progress that has been made, it was realised that, with the changing lifestyles and preferred methods of receiving information of society, it was necessary to move on from the bulletin board style of website to one that permits much greater involvement on the part of the Strettons community. So from 1st September 2017 the website will change radically.


  • The monthly magazine will be published on line simultaneously with the printed copy.

  • The website will be updated throughout the month as new items are received by the webeditors –

  • Provision has been made for subscribers to comment on each item posted to the website

  • The “What’s On” list of events will be a rolling calendar so that events can be added as far into the future as is required – hopefully this will enable those organising events to check to see what else is happening on their preferred date and act accordingly. Obviously those submitting the dates of their events will immediately have the advantage.

  • The website will contain links to enable subscribers to share articles and items using the popular social media platforms


Stretton Focus Ltd. is a company limited by guarantee. The company has no employees. Everyone involved with the company is a volunteer. If you feel like you would like to play a part in the running of the company, the production of the magazine or the maintenance of the website, new volunteers are always most welcome.


Stretton Focus is there for you. The more that people become involved and share their passions and pastimes the more vibrant, relevant and interesting the site will be and the better the communication links throughout the area can be forged.