Stretton Focus Limited ("Focus") is happy to provide a home for the news and views of local events and the people involved in them as well as opinions and articles of issues of concern or interest to you and maybe others in the community.  If you feel have information about things that you are interested in and you would like to share it with other residents of the Strettons (Church Stretton, Little Stretton, All Stretton and villages in the immediate surroundings thereof) then we would like to hear from you.  Send your photographs and accompanying text to  It helps the web editors if you send documents in Microsoft Word and if your pictures are in jpeg format.  The  better the picture, the better they appear on the web. The web editors will endeavour to set out the material that you send us in the way that they think gives it maximum impact on the web.  By submitting material to Focus you warrant that you have all right and title to the items submitted or, where appropriate, you have the full authority of the author or creator of the items for them to be published by Focus.  When submitting photographs or images you further warrant that any person or persons depicted in the images supplied have given their permission for you to use these images for display on a public web site.

The web editors will endeavour to display and promote all relevant material submitted to Focus for publication on the web site provided always that they will not publish any material that they, in their absolute discretion, consider to be:

- defamatory, offensive or abusive

- liable to incite racial hatred or which promulgates concepts of discrimination based on gender, race, sexual orientation or religion.

- of insufficient quality

- of little or no interest to the community of the Strettons or a reasonable number of its residents

- of a purely personal nature relating to the person submitting the material.

The web editors are not able to enter into correspondence regarding the reasons that they have decided not to include material submitted as part of the web site. In the event that any inappropriate, defamatory, offensive or abusive material is added to the web site in error it will be removed without delay and without reference to the person submitting the material as soon as its unacceptable nature is discovered or brought to the attention of the web editors whichever shall be the earlier.