Management Structure

Stretton Focus Limited is a Company Limited by Guarantee. There are no paid members of staff everyone who works for the company does so in a purely voluntary capacity.

Board of Directors

The Governance of Stretton Focus Ltd. is exercised through a Board of Directors, who set editorial and financial policy, monitor performance against those policies and provide advice and guidance to the Chairman and, through him, to the officers. Directors are appointed for a period of three years but thereafter they may offer themselves for re-election by the members of the company at an annual general meeting.

The procedure for the election of the directors of the company is set out in the Memorandum and Articles of the company but these also give the board of directors the power to make subsidiary rules to make the running of the company easier, more efficient and to reflect usage and practice.


Anyone who is a resident of the Strettons, or with an interest in the Strettons, may apply to become a member, and thus be eligible to vote at  general meetings of the company. Membership application forms may be obtained from the Secretary.  The membership of any member failing to attend, either in person or by means of a properly appointed proxy, two consecutive annual general meetings and who fails to present their apologies for non attendance automatically ceases to be a member

Management Group

Management comprises the Focus volunteers who are responsible for the monthly production of the magazine, in accordance with company policy. They are formally appointed by the Chairman.