Published: April 27th, 2018 12:01am

Answers to "Trivia Corner" & "Where was it?" Quizzes

Trivia Answers

1. Stockholm

2. Adele

3. Falsetto

4. Hymn

5. Troubadours


Where was it?

The photo on the "Where is it?" quizz webpage is part of the milestone acting as a post outside 47/49 High Street. From 1767, mileposts were compulsory on all turnpikes, not only to inform travellers of direction and distances, but to help coaches keep to schedule and for charging for the changes of horses at the coaching inns. The distances were also used to calculate postal charges before the uniform postal rate was introduced in 1840. At the height of the turnpike era, there were 20,000 miles of roads with milestones. Five of the six milestones in the Parish of Church Stretton still exist. Why not go and hunt them out?