Published: August 31st, 2018 6:46pm


Dear Focus supporter,


It is with great regret that the board of Stretton Focus has taken the decision to close the website with effect from the end of September.

(Subscription renewals and refunds are dealt with toward the end of this email)

The website has been a considerable success as a modern digital platform providing ease of access to those items of interest to individual subscribers and to the various resources that Focus offers such as the Business Directory and Events listing.

Indeed, we exceeded our ‘early days’ expectations for the number of subscribers.

However, the small amount of “in-month” content has been a disappointment, as has the absence of subscriber discussion via the “comment” facility. It is likely that these can be considered work in progress issues and would have improved over time.

The reasonfor closure is solely down to the failure to attract volunteers to work as webeditors, handling incoming material and uploading it onto the website. This despite regular adverts through various outlets and the assurance that the work did not require specialist expertise in websites or computer methodologies. The work to date has essentially been undertaken by the small team of existing Focus staff that worked on the development of the site. They have other essential Focus duties and are unable to continue any longer as webeditors. Paying for this work to be done by others is not affordable and would be in contradiction to the volunteer ethos of Stretton Focus.

Please DO NOT renew your subscriptions from this point on.

The few subscribers who have already renewed over the last three weeks will receive a full website refund (£5 web only or £2.50 print + mag).

Those who have subscribed to the print magazine will continue to receive the magazine under this subscription until and including the January 2019 magazine. They will also receive a refund proportionate to the unused part of their subscription from February 1st2019 onwards.

We very much hope that print magazine subscribers will continue to enjoy Focus after 1stFebruary by subscribing via their local magazine distributor. Please contact the Distribution Manager on 01694 724106 to arrange for the local magazine distributor to visit you in late 2018, early 2019 to organise a new subscription. The magazine price remains at £10 for twelve issues, including delivery.

Thank you for supporting our community website and please accept our apologies for being unable to sustain this service.