Published: September 3rd, 2017 6:01pm


The price of Stretton Focus has remained unchanged for many years. During that time the magazine has increased in size and quality and, of course, cost to produce. It has therefore been decided to increase the annual subscription price to £10. The individual magazine price purchased at the shops will remain £1.

The subscription still represents great value for money with its 17% discounted price plus free delivery to your door.

  • Magazine annual subscription: £10 delivered to your door each month (17% discount)
  • Magazine annual subscription sold via the website: £10 delivered to your door each month (17% discount)
  • Magazine price sold at retail outlets: £1 each
  • Website annual subscription: £5
  • Combined subscriptions for the magazine & website only available on the website: £12.50 (£10 magazine delivered to your door each month plus £2.50 website - a 26.5% combined discount).

We would like to apologize for an error in the September magazine and in the recent mail shot publicity for the launch of the new Focus website where the combined magazine and website subscription price was given as £10. It is in fact £12.50 as stated above.

We hope that you would agree that these prices, for the magazine and the website, are very low and are only possible because they are produced and delivered by the unpaid efforts of our hard working volunteer staff. By the community - for the community.

Thank you for your support.

Stretton Focus, September 2017