Published: July 26th, 2018 12:01am

Strettons Area Community Wildlife Group - August 2018

Have you seen any Lapwing or Curlew since April?

Strettons Area Community Wildlife Group and the Church Stretton Branch of Shropshire Ornithological Society are hoping to get a better picture of the population and distribution of Lapwing and Curlew, so we can work with farmers to promote conservation, and organise nest protection for Curlews. PLEASE could all Focus readers who have seen or heard Lapwing or Curlew any time since April let us know, especially if they have been seen recently.

Please contact Leo Smith ( 01694 720296).


Can You Help Us Find Strettons’ Hedgehogs?

Stretton Area Community Wildlife Group are conducting a survey this year to find out how well (or badly) our hedgehogs are doing. We want to survey as many Stretton gardens as possible by using a footprint tracking tunnel. Hedgehogs are not harmed in any way but benefit from a tasty snack if they walk through the tunnel and we can see their footprints, so we will know they have visited.

We know they are out there…but where? They might be living in your garden! Can we put a tunnel in your garden for a night or two please?

Please email: or phone: 07810 521559. Thank you!!


2nd Longmynd Scouts are Bracken Bashing Heroes!

The 2nd Longmynd Scouts came out in full force in early June to provide ongoing support to the Community Tree Planting Project (CTPP) in Batch Valley. The bracken had grown vigorously during early spring, benefitting from the high rainfall and warm temperatures. However, the scouts were not deterred and worked tirelessly for over an hour finding the young trees in the undergrowth and then clearing a space around them by thwacking and skillfully deadheading everything in the vicinity.

Members of the local community arrived later in the week to continue the good works and ensure that the trees would be able to flourish for the rest of the growing season. This is an annual event and we could like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to the Scouts and our community for their ongoing efforts and dedication to creating a new woodland area in Shropshire.

Penny Bienz and Steve Butler, CTPP project leaders

Bashing that Bracken!                                                                            Bashing that Bracken!