Church Stretton Golf Club

Church Stretton Golf Course is quite simply unique. Its 18 holes sit atop the stunning Shropshire Hills – an area of outstanding natural beauty – and its panoramic views are among the finest in England. This gem of a golf course has been here for over 126 years and in that time some of the finest golfers ever to play the game have taken on its unique challenges. At just over 5,000 yards in length the course may be considered short by modern standards; but complacency is not recommended!

Considered by many to be the hardest starting hole in the county, the first has a steep bank in front of the green and out of bounds to the right. The second and seventh both play to uphill flags, with the fifteenth steeply downhill. The thirteenth and fourteenth are both superb driving holes. Some holes can be driven, such as the sixteenth, but beware – go off line and you are out of bounds.

Many greens are raised or built into the side of a hill, requiring accuracy of length and direction. The borrows are subtle and can be misleading. Take the twelfth for example, where it is difficult to judge whether the green slopes away or towards the hill.

You will find the turf delightful to play from with a distinctive ‘links’-type feel. The wind can be a factor on breezy days, challenging the golfers’ skill and imagination. During the summer months, ferns narrow the fairways waiting to consume errant tee shots, particularly on the intimidating ninth. With excellent drainage the course plays superbly throughout the year. Because each hole is idiosyncratic the course always retains your interest, so no matter how many times you play, you will never tire of its character.

If you do manage to avert your gaze from the views you will find bracken and heather-lined fairways that snake among hills and cavernous valleys, leading to undulating, tricky greens that will ask tough questions of your putting stroke. Church Stretton doesn’t rely on freakish length or huge carries off the tee to give it teeth – the spectacular natural landscape gives it all the bite it needs.

Many of the golfing Press have also come along to see what all the fuss is about. Todays Golfer, Golf Monthly and others have heaped praise on this “unique gem” and a recent course review described Church Stretton as “a spectacular golfing experience that anyone who loves the game should play.” But don’t take our word for it – the only way to truly experience all that this unsurpassable course has to offer – is to come and play. And if your golf is going badly, don’t worry – you can always admire the views!


We offer a variety of categories for all ages and levels of player. Of particular importance for the coming year is the new juniors’ section which is open for anyone between 8 and 17 years of age. Juniors new to golf are encouraged to take part in our regular Junior group coaching lessons. They are taught the basics of golf and the fundamental rules and guidelines about safety on and around the golf course. All equipment is provided as part of your Junior membership. Juniors with previous playing experience will get access to the golf course and the opportunity to attend advanced coaching sessions, enter regular junior competitions and work towards attaining a full golf handicap. Older Juniors with a full handicap are encouraged to enter adult competitions at the club and many of our recent club champions have come through our Junior ranks. Junior team members are encouraged to compete with other clubs in the county. Those who excel could progress to playing for one of the County Junior teams. For more information on Junior Membership please contact our Club Professional, James Townsend on 01694 722281 or