Editorial Policy

  1. Purpose
    The purpose of the Magazine and the Website is to enhance the feeling of community within the Strettons by publishing information articles reports and notices that inform or entertain the community and the organisations and individuals forming part thereof.
  2. Principles
    1. The Company is not affiliated to nor does it subscribe to any particular political ideology religious faith or belief system and will use its best endeavours not to publish anything that is discriminatory or prejudicial particularly with regard to matters of age gender sexual orientation ethnic origin or religious belief or the absence thereof.
    2. It is at the sole discretion of the Editorial Team:
      1. what material shall be included in the Magazine or on the Website or both.
      2. what photographs are to be published and how they are to be displayed including for the avoidance of doubt the cropping resizing rescaling and altering the lighting of the same.
      3. what spelling grammatical or general editorial changes shall be made to any material submitted for publication
      4. not to publish without giving reasons any material submitted for publication.
  3. Procedure
    1. The Company will publish on the Website the procedure for submitting material for prospective publication either in the Magazine or on the Website or both.
    2. For the avoidance of doubt the Company reserves the right not to publish any material:
      1. received in a format that does not comply with the company’s requirements as published on the Web Site.
      2. received anonymously
      3. that in its absolute discretion it considers to be contrary to the principles in 2.1 above
      4. that it deems to be defamatory of any organisation corporation or living person
      5. for which there is insufficient copy space in the magazine
      6. that, in their opinion, should not be included in a particular edition or any edition
    3. In reserving the right not to publish an article the Company is not obliged to provide a reason for its actions to the author or agent of said article