Submission Guidelines

  1. Contributors should send their Submissions to the Editors electronically via email to
  2. Copy submissions must be Microsoft Word documents (either “.doc” or “.docx”) and must not contain any formatting as this has to be removed in the editing process. Contributors may, however, submit formatting suggestions in a separate document. Such suggestions will be considered by the Editors if deemed appropriate. (For the avoidance of doubt Submissions should not be Open Office (“.odt”) documents. Contributors using Open Office should use the option to save their Submission as a Microsoft Word document before sending it to the Editors).
  3. All Submissions must have a title that relates to their content and emails and submission through the website must have this title. (“Focus Article” is not an acceptable title as this is too generic and does not provide the Editors with the means of distinguishing it from other similarly titled Submissions).
  4. Photographs and other images, to accompany an article submission, are very welcome for publication. Always send the original or best quality file that you have, whatever camera you are using. The quality from a modern smartphone will normally be adequate. When sending a picture from your mobile device, select option “Actual Size”, rather than Small or Medium. If using a regular digital camera, do not reduce the file size. If the total file size is too large to send as an email attachment, consider using WeTransfer, a free online facility.
  5. Send your images as an email attachment, do not embed them in the body of the email. If pictures are inserted into an article that you have submitted (to help with layout), please also send the picture files as a separate attachment.
  6. Contributors wishing their Submission to appear in the next available edition of the Magazine must ensure that their Submission is received by the Editors no later than 12 noon on the relevant copy date. The copy date is normally the first Monday of each Month (for inclusion in the next calendar Month’s publication) but this is subject to alteration. Contributors should refer to the inside cover of the latest edition of the Magazine to confirm the copy date for the month in which they wish their Submission to appear.
  7. Submissions received after the copy date will not automatically be included in the next edition of the Magazine and may be rejected without further contact or explanation.
  8. All Submissions received via the website or via email will be acknowledged by the Editors within 48 hours of receipt. It is the responsibility of the Contributor to contact a member of the editorial team if no acknowledgement of the Submission has been received.
  9. As Submissions will not be repeated it is the responsibility of the Contributor to ensure that the Submission is received by the Editors by the copy date corresponding to the publication month of the edition of the Magazine in which the Contributor wishes the Submission to be published.
  10. Regular Contributors are responsible for ensuring that their Submission is received each month by the relevant copy date and the Editors are not responsible for contacting and will accept no responsibility for failing to contact a Regular Contributor in respect of the non receipt of a Submission in respect of a forthcoming edition of the Magazine.
  11. All photographs must be submitted separately and not embedded in the text of a Submission and must be in the JPEG format and of good quality (at least 1.5MB).
  12. Submissions from the individual churches which are participants in Churches Together and the “Focus On Faith” article together with other Submission on matters of general interest will normally be limited to a maximum of 450 words. Other Submissions will be limited to a maximum of 650 words plus one or two photographs or images. For the avoidance of doubt these suggested limits are subject always to the overall restrictions on the space available in the relevant edition of the Magazine and the Editors discretion with regard to form and content.
  13. Where a Submission to the Editors comprises a letter to the Magazine it will only be published if the name and address of the writer of the letter is supplied at the time that the Submission is received. If specifically requested at the time of submission the name and address will not be published but the subscription “name and address supplied” will be appended.
  14. For the avoidance of doubt Submissions may be sent to the Editors by directors, officers, members and affiliates of Stretton Focus Limited. Where the Submission is made by a director or officer then it should be clearly identified as such.