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Stretton Focus Magazines

The focus magazine can be purchased by subscription and delivered to your door for just £12 a year – that’s twelve editions, or as per table for part-year new subscriptions.

If this great value and convenient offer appeals to you, then just contact our Sales Manager by e-mail to

Alternatively, if you know your local magazine distributor, just ask and your subscription will be arranged for you.

The magazine is also sold in Church Stretton at the Co-Op and the Family Shopper for £1.30 each.

Pay for a Focus subscription via the internet – Direct Bank Transfer

Subscriptions for next year’s Focus are collected in October through to January by your friendly local Distributor. This time honoured and successful procedure will continue.

However, paying by direct bank transfer is possible for those who prefer to avoid cash and cheque transactions and are using internet banking.

The procedure is simple and is as follows for existing subscribers wishing to renew their subscriptions:

  • When your Focus Distributor calls please let them know you have or are paying by direct bank transfer.
  • When you are paying using internet banking you MUST enter the first line of your address as the payment reference. Please don’t include your name as this will appear in the bank statement automatically.
  • Please note that generally the bank payment reference space allows for a maximum of 18 characters, including spaces between words. This may require you to abbreviate your address so as to fit the 18-character space.
  • This allows Focus to correctly identify the subscriber so that we know your payment has gone through, and so that we can be sure of getting your magazine through the letterbox at the correct address.
  • FINALLY, the Focus bank details are:
    Payee: Stretton Focus Limited
    Sort Code: 30 92 04
    Account No.: 00392203

Twelve months Subscription Price £12 paid prior to the next Focus year that starts on 1st February.

IF YOU ARE STARTING A NEW SUBSCRITION MID YEAR THE FOLLOWING TABLE OF PRICES APPLIES dependent on when your subscription commences. Your follow-on subscription will commence on 1st February the following year and be paid for by 31 January.

We hope you have enjoyed reading Focus over the last year and thank you for supporting our community magazine.

Month subscriber receives first copyCost (£)