Stretton Focus Community Grant Scheme

The Stretton Focus Community Grant Scheme was established by Stretton Focus Ltd. in 2013 to provide monetary grants to help clubs, societies and other voluntary organisations and individuals to undertake a community project.  So far, the Scheme has granted over £50,000 to as many as 120 organisations and individuals. The following guidelines may be helpful for you to consider before you make an application.

Guidelines for applicants

The Community Grant Scheme welcomes applications from clubs, societies, voluntary organisations, and from individuals, for projects and initiatives that benefit the community within and around the Strettons.

The Scheme will consider applications for capital expenditure; for example, purchase of equipment or for events being planned for the benefit of the community. Except in very rare cases, applications for funding to support general running costs of a project or service will not be considered. The Scheme will not fund items that have already been purchased.

To facilitate a speedy decision, it is important that you complete all sections of the application form as clearly as possible and that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme (set out below).

The Grant Committee will need to be told if the money you are applying for meets the total cost of your project or, if not, how you have been able to raise, or plan to raise, the additional funding necessary for the project to be completed.

Under the Terms and Conditions of the Scheme the Grant Committee is not bound to provide reasons for declining an application however, where the Committee feels it will be helpful to the applicant, it will do so.

Terms and Conditions

Applicants must be made from organisations and individuals based in Church Stretton, All Stretton and Little Stretton or in villages within a 6-mile radius of Church Stretton.   The Scheme cannot accept applications for projects outside of this area.

The Scheme offers grants for between £300 and £1,500; applications for amounts outside this range will not be considered.

An application will only be considered if it is made via an Application Form submitted from this website.  Each online application is forwarded to each member of the Scheme’s Committee, who will assess the application.

The outcome of each assessment will be notified by email to the applicant. The Grant Committee does not normally provide reasons for rejection of an application and the application process does not allow for the opportunity for applicants to appeal the decision.

Sometimes a grant may be offered in the form of a pledge to be paid at a later date i.e. when the applicant can confirm that the grant is ready to be used.

Grants will be paid to successful applicants by bank transfer. For applications made on behalf of an organisation,  payments will only be made to an account registered with the organisation and not into a personal account.  Payment cannot be made by cheque.

Should an application be successful, the applicant is normally expected to agree to acknowledge receipt of the grant in an article written for a future issue of Stretton Focus illustrating how the grant has helped the project. This may also be published on the Focus website.

An annual list of grants awarded by the Scheme will be published in Stretton Focus at the end of each financial year and online in the Stretton Focus website throughout the year.

The ‘Scheme’ may be closed at any time by Stretton Focus Limited.  Any grant offered prior to closure will be honoured.

Applying for a Community Grant

Applying for a Grant is simple; just click on the ‘Apply’ button below and complete all sections of the online form.  Where a section of the form is not relevant, simply enter N/A (not applicable) in the space provided. When ready to submit your application click the ‘Send’ button.

You will not receive an automatic acknowledgement.  Your application will be forwarded to each member of the Grant Committee and you will receive an email from one of them to say that your application has been received and is being assessed.

The Grant Committee will normally be in a position to make a decision within two to three weeks following receipt of your application. In the meantime, you may be contacted by email if further information be required and this may delay the Committee’s decision.

If the Grant Committee approves your application, you will receive a formal letter of offer by email. This may contain certain conditions, which you will need to agree to in accepting the offer. At this stage you will also be asked for your bank details.

A formal letter by email will also be sent if your application is declined.